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February 15, 2019 My Black Blacker Than Your Black: Sounds Crazy Doesn’t It?

“The suggestion that a Black person is ‘not really Black’ is tired and ignorant,” tweeted television mogul Shonda Rhimes in response to people questioning the blackness of 2020 presidential candidate, Senator Kamala Harris. “The Black experience has never been one size fits all—no matter how much old TV/films tried to make you thinks so.” Unfortunately, […]

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Blackface About-Face: People Should Have Room to Grow, Learn From Past Mistakes

No justifiable excuse exists to explain away Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s past racist behavior and insensitive comments about slavery. White people will never be able to wear blackface without being justifiably branded a racist. And no sane African-American will ever allow someone to label slavery as indentured servitude. But if a lifetime of perfection is […]

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February 11, 2019 Road to Success in Business Different for Every Entrepreneur

On Jan.14, I had the pleasure of speaking to high school students in my home school district about starting a business and succeeding as an entrepreneur. Initially, the conversation centered on the importance of having a business plan and launching a business in the first place. While having a business plan is necessary to securing […]

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