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June 13, 2016 Muhammad Ali Was Greatest Even to Friends of Adversaries

It is sad that when it comes to the most talkative icon in the world dying, I am speechless. Muhammad Ali tributes have come pouring in since his death a week ago today, and after awhile they become extremely redundant. We have heard his famous quotes constantly. We have seen the re-airing of his classic […]

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May 27, 2016 10 TV Programs That Deserve Your Attention This Summer, Fall

At the 2016 Academy Awards, host Chris Rock stated that all Black actors wanted was the same opportunity that everyone else has, nothing more, nothing less. While films may leave much to be desired in the area of diversity, TV programs have realized the financial potential of shows with Black talent. The trend of more […]

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Justice Clarence Thomas Continues to Baffle with Decisions on Race

In Public Enemy’s classic song “Welcome to the Terrordome,” Chuck D said, “Every brother ain’t a brother cause a color just as well could be undercover.” And while I dislike criticizing other African-Americans for their political leanings, there is no way the only Black judge on the United States Supreme Court should be the only […]

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