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February 14, 2015 Black History Spotlight: Maroons Successfully Rebelled Against Slavery

Black slaves often face posthumous criticism for not fighting back and rebelling against their slave owners. Many see it as a sign of weakness or assimilation that Black slaves just accepted their lot in life. But what many critics have accepted as the truth is far from it. The truth has just been obscured or [...]

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January 29, 2015 Sensitive, Strong or Both: What Do Women Want?

Since Adam met Eve, men have been asking the same question, “What do women want?” For the longest, women use to complain because they wanted men to be more sensitive, while still being strong. I’m grateful that some men finally stripped away their hard exteriors, stepped away from the football games, and finally took their [...]

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January 26, 2015 Commercial Star J.T. Jackson Next in Line for Comedy Throne

The Ohio State Buckeyes kept trucking throughout the 2014 season despite the hiccups and obstacles. When quarterback Braxton Miller fell victim to a season-ending injury during the offseason, J.T. Barrett took the reins of the football team and guided them to the Big 10 championship game. And when the injury bug bit Barrett, third string [...]

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