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December 2, 2022 LeBron is Right: Media Should Question Athletes About Jerry Jones Like It Did About Kyrie

When basketball star Kyrie Irving tweeted out a link to an anti-Semitic book and movie, media members questioned athletes like LeBron James and Jaylen Brown about where they stood on the controversy. Many athletes criticized Irving and rightfully so. But the controversy seemed to last in perpetuity with Irving having to prove to others that […]

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November 23, 2022 Shanquella Robinson Death: Day One Friends Shouldn’t Always Be There on Day You Blow Up

The death of Shanquella Robinson is beyond tragic. Robinson went on vacation with some of her so-called friends and never came home. Those “friends” told her parents that Robinson died of alcohol poisoning. However, the autopsy shows that Robinson suffered significant injuries like a broken neck while on the trip. Additionally, an alleged video of […]

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November 11, 2022 All Political Parties Have Sinned, Fallen Short of the Glory of God

Concordance not included my Bible contains 2063 pages of God’s Holy Word. But if you leave it to some, mainly White evangelical Christians, the Bible only speaks on two issues, abortion and same sex marriage. As Americans and Christians, we must stop the narrative that a particular political party truly represents Jesus Christ while the […]

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