About Us

RMG: Step Up to the Throne and Reclaim Your Royalty

Are you about that “regal life?”  The regal life means stepping up to the throne, and reclaiming your royalty.   The regal life is simply reaching your God-given potential and making a positive change in your life and the lives of others around you.  The predecessor of Regal Media Group (RMG) was formed in 2006 by writer and former journalism professor Todd A. Smith in an effort to return classy and intelligent media productions to the field of mass communications.  In November of that year he entered the media field by getting into the business of online publications.

The first such publication was Regal Magazine (RegalMag.com), which is aimed at the educated and sophisticated African American male.  RegalMag.com provides Black men with a broad variety of information ranging from politics, entertainment, sports, relationships, business/finance and relationship/marital advice.  Smith adamantly believed that African American men were being ignored in the media and RegalMag.com would be able to fill that void in the marketplace of online publications.

Several years after founding RegalMag.com, Smith believed it was time for RMG to spread its wings and reach other underrepresented demographic groups.  RMG then launched the talk show “Regal Roundtable,” which is the male counterpart to such talk shows as “The View” and “The Talk.”  With RMG’s talk show for men, Smith is now able to reach men of all colors and creeds with his mission to inform, inspire and enlighten the masses.

Although the past has been bright for RMG, the future seems even brighter as RMG hopes to be a beacon of light for all of those looking for intelligent and classy material in a media world flooded with anything but class and sophistication.