African-American Fathers Like ‘King Richard’ Need to Be Celebrated, Not Vilified

The hate that the film “King Richard” has received stems from a hatred of men in general and African-American men in particular.

Prior to the release of the film “King Richard,” I heard nothing but rave reviews from my colleagues.

Some of my colleagues in the Houston Film Critics Society said “King Richard” brought them to tears.

Others even flew from Houston to Los Angeles to watch “King Richard” on the Warner Bros. Pictures lot.

As a result, I could not wait to see it when it dropped on HBO Max because, unfortunately, I missed all the advance screenings in Houston and Los Angeles.

However, by the time my family and I sat down to watch “King Richard,” unexpected controversy had already surrounded the film about tennis icons Venus and Serena Williams, and their visionary father and first tennis coach, Richard Williams.

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