Buying Own 40 Acres, Mule: Father Gifts 13-Year-Old Son with 40 Acres of Land

Anyone with a little bit of knowledge knows that African-Americans got screwed out of their reparations, which would have allegedly given 40 acres and a mule to every emancipated slave family.

In fact, instead of African-American slaves receiving reparations, America instead gave White slaveowners reparations to help ease their transition into having paid employees.

Well, Faheem Muhammad, 35, an African-American father in Los Angeles decided to give acres of land to his son, Faheem Ra’id Muhammad, on his 13th birthday, a gift that will ensure generational wealth for their descendants instead of a gift that depreciates as soon as purchased.

The land that Muhammad gave his son is in Boulevard, Calif., which is on the border between Mexico and the United States.

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