‘Carlson vs. Lemon’ Might Be Show Divided States of America Needs

The firing of Tucker Carlson at Fox News and Don Lemon at CNN might do more for this country than one can imagine if they see the business opportunity that might fall into their laps if a television network is smart and willing to pay the big bucks.

Sure, the defamation lawsuit that Fox News had to settle with Dominion Voting will do a lot for journalism because if media personalities and companies realize they can lose close to $1 billion for knowingly spreading falsehoods, then maybe they will get back to old school journalism where the truth once mattered.

However, modern cable news has not only detrimentally impacted the field of journalism, but it has also adversely affected American democracy because of lies.

One of the biggest problems confronting America is the media, mainly cable news.

More specifically, the fact that this country has “liberal media” entities, and “conservative media” entities leads to much of the division in the world (i.e., political, racial and religious division) because many people do not want to know what is truly going on in the world or the views of others.

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