Gov. Abbott Please Show Same Empathy for Anti-Black Racism as You Do For Antisemitism

Usually, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

But based on recent actions by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, if the goose is Black then they do not get as much love for the gander when the ganders are from another demographic.

Keaton Peters of the Texas Tribune reported, “As tensions have flared in the escalating conflict [in Israel and Gaza] and protests have spread across Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott announced that the Texas Education Agency would provide resources to schools to counter misinformation and antisemitism.”

While I commend Abbott for his actions to stop the spread of antisemitism and to educate people on the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, please keep the same energy when it comes to anti-Black racism and teaching the true history of what happened to my ancestors in this country instead of trying to rewrite history to appease racist White people under the guise of critical race theory.

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