If Affirmative Action Benefitting Minorities Disappears, Make Sure It Goes Away for Majority Too

Affirmative action in college admission might soon suffer the same fate as VHS and eight track tapes, becoming relics of the past.

The conservative super majority in the United States Supreme Court seems skeptical about admission policies that factor race into the equation, signaling that America needs to become a truly colorblind society and affirmative action prevents that from happening.

The Associated Press reported, “The survival of affirmative action in higher education appeared to be in serious trouble Monday at a conservative-dominated Supreme Court after hours of debate over vexing questions of race.

“The most diverse court in the nation’s history—among the nine justices are four women, two Black people and a Latina—is weighing challenges to admissions programs at the University of North Carolina and Harvard that use race among many factors in seeking a diverse student body.”

But if affirmative action that helps minorities goes away, make sure that affirmative action and reparations policies that benefit White Americans, simply because of the color of their skin, becomes a relic of the past too because in no way, form or fashion will getting rid of affirmative action get rid of racism in America.

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