Jackie Long, Joseph Kahn of ‘Bodied’ Discuss N-Word, Blood Sport of Rap Battles

Since its inception, rap battles have captured the imagination of hip-hop fans from around the globe.

While hip-hop has provided a better life for many coming from impoverished backgrounds, hip-hop battles have led to labels like violent, misogynistic, racist and homophobic.

So while hip-hop has battled its way to the top of the pop charts, the musical genre still battles with its haters who cannot understand the culture and the message within the music.

With that in mind, filmmaker and Houston native Joseph Kahn, along with actors Jackie Long and Calum Worthy, came back to his hometown to promote his latest project “Bodied,” which attacks hip-hop, hip-hop fans and hip-hop haters in a remarkable movie that opens today at AMC Studio 30 in Houston and Alamo Drafthouse LaCenterra in Katy, Texas.

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