Let’s Rush Towards Facts, Not Judgment

In this current political and social climate, a rush to judgment has become commonplace when someone faces any kind of allegation.

We saw a rush to judgment in the murder of Jazmine Barnes.

We saw a rush to judgment when rape allegations against R&B singer Chris Brown came out of Paris.

We saw a rush to judgment in the infamous video of teens from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky facing off with Native American elder, Nathan Phillips.

We saw a rush to judgment over 10 years ago when three members of the Duke University lacrosse team faced allegations that they raped an African-American exotic dancer.

And in the #MeToo movement, some innocent men lose their reputations and careers immediately if a woman said he sneezed in her vicinity.

The problem that exists in American society is that everyone has a preconceived agenda that they want to push and they desperately need facts to back up their position.

The issue with that is that very few want to wait to see what the actual facts are before they present their opinion as fact.

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