Media Should Put Some Respect on Kwame Brown, Others’ Names

Media personalities need to stop clout chasing and building their careers by disrespecting others.

Furthermore, everyday Americans need to chill out on disrespecting celebrities who have achieved 10 times the amount of success that they have achieved, and 10 times the money.

This week, former National Basketball Association (NBA) number one draft pick Kwame Brown broke his silence on the ridicule that he has received from media pundits like Stephen A. Smith and others since the Washington Wizards selected him out of high school in 2001.

Kwame Brown never lived up to the hype of a number one overall draft pick and deserved criticism for his lack of success in the NBA.

However, media pundits like Smith, and now former players like Stephen Jackson, Matt Barnes and Gilbert Arenas, have taken disrespecting others to boost their careers a little too far because it seems that people like Smith target the same athletes two decades after their careers started.

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