Rockets Legend Robert Reid Reflects on Career, Threat 1986 Team Posed to NBA

TV One has a popular series called “Unsung” in which documentarians highlight a tremendous talent in the entertainment industry who never got the appreciation they deserved or have been forgotten with time.

Former Houston Rockets legend Robert Reid is the epitome of an unsung basketball player. His ability to play four positions in the NBA should have him mentioned with some of the greats of all time.

Likewise, his 1985-86 Rockets team with Twin Towers Ralph Sampson and Hakeem (then Akeem) Olajuwon, John Lucas and Rodney McCray took the league by storm in the same decade that produced Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Isiah Thomas and a guy named Michael Jordan.

But since they came up short on their quest for the title, the team has been relegated to the club of what could have been.

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