Shanquella Robinson Death: Day One Friends Shouldn’t Always Be There on Day You Blow Up

The death of Shanquella Robinson is beyond tragic.

Robinson went on vacation with some of her so-called friends and never came home.

Those “friends” told her parents that Robinson died of alcohol poisoning.

However, the autopsy shows that Robinson suffered significant injuries like a broken neck while on the trip.

Additionally, an alleged video of a fight between Robinson and one of those “friends” has since gone viral.

In the video, a supposed male voice is urging Robinson to fight back, while people film the fight.

It seems that no one attempted to break up the fight.

As a journalist, I cannot condemn her so-called friends for her death because no one has been charged with a crime in her death let alone been convicted.

But I can say what many other people have said recently, and that is it is important to follow your gut when you decide who to be friends with and who to spend time with.

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