Stereotypes Won’t Allow Pamela Turner to Get Justine Damond Treatment

Some people love to say that they have no racism in their heart.

To let them say it, racism stopped existing after the Civil Rights Movement.

But regardless of what people say to not appear racist, the constant killing of unarmed African-Americans like Pamela Turner, 44, because a police officer feared for his or her life is proof that many people view African-Americans as violent threats even if they pose no danger and even if people claim not to see color.

The negative stereotypes of African-Americans sometimes get them killed by overzealous police officers.

Those same stereotypes of African-Americans, and the positive stereotypes of White police officers, often get the cop exonerated.

And the positive stereotypes of White women, and the negative stereotypes of African-American men, even if they are police officers, sometimes get the African-American cop convicted, while the White family wins millions of dollars in damages.

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