Stop the Madness With This Jamie Foxx, Antisemitism Nonsense

Go ahead and cancel Todd A. Smith because he knows that Jamie Foxx’s social media post about the betrayal of Jesus Christ and fake friends had nothing to do with antisemitism or hatred of any sort, despite the backlash the actor/singer/comedian has received.

Todd A. Smith is the first to call out someone for prejudice, racism, bigotry or any other form of discrimination.

Yes, Todd A. Smith is speaking in third person today.

It does not matter to Todd A. Smith if the bigoted person shares the same skin color, same family tree, same fraternity or same church house, the publisher of will not hesitate to call out someone’s ignorance.

However, he is also the first person to say when things are not racist and when people are going too far with their claims of discrimination.

Therefore, if Todd A. Smith calls out his own community for playing the so-called “race card,” how would he look like not calling out his brothers and sisters from the Jewish community for playing a similar card?

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