To Morgan Wallen, Others: N-Word Off Limits to Non-African-Americans, Period

White people, or other people outside of the African-American community, cannot use the N-word, ever.

Now that we have that established and out of the way, let’s discuss the controversy of people outside of the African-American community using the N-word.

Some might say since rappers use the N-word so freely, then all people should be able to use it and African-Americans show their hypocrisy when they do not chastise rappers for the use of the racial slur.

First and foremost, people have to realize that rappers do not speak for all African-Americans.

Many African-Americans of a certain age and station in life, never really liked rap music in the first place.

Therefore, to use the rap excuse shows a lack of knowledge concerning the African-American community, most notably the fact that we are not monolithic.

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