Tom Brokaw’s Comments on Hispanics Wreak Racism, Elitism

One of my friends recently asked me how I felt about the recent comments made by veteran journalist and television anchor Tom Brokaw about Hispanic immigrants.

In essence, Tom Brokaw said the Hispanic community needs to do a better job of assimilating into American culture, learn English and not cluster in minority communities, instead fully integrating into mainstream society.

My friend asked me if I thought that Tom Brokaw’s comments were racist or just elitist and my response was racist.

He, on the other hand, thought the comments only represented an elitist view and not a racist one.

In hindsight, his view that Tom Brokaw’s comments represented elitism is correct.

But, in my humble opinion, those elitist views are based in racism, which states that the White race is better, English is the only language on the planet, or at least in America, and that White culture should be something that all minorities desire to be a part of.

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