Wells Fargo CEO Apologizes for Statement About Black Talent Pool

Wells Fargo CEO Charlie Scharf has apologized for saying that the bank has “a very limited pool of Black talent to recruit from.”

Scharf later apologized in a memo, calling his statement “an insensitive comment reflecting my own unconscious bias.”

The CEO wrote, “There are many talented diverse individuals working at Wells Fargo (WFC) and throughout the financial services industry and I never meant to imply otherwise. It’s clear to me that, across the industry, we have not done enough to improve diversity, especially at senior leadership levels. And there is no question Wells Fargo has to make meaningful progress to increase diverse representation.”

Read the full article here: http://www.regalmag.com/wells-fargo-ceo-apologizes-for-statement-about-black-talent-pool-a-2359.html