White People Play Race Card Too, Just Ask Willie Taggart, Deshaun Watson

Why does playing the so-called race card only apply to African-Americans?

When African-Americans protest systemic racism, discrimination and oppression, many bigots dismiss their claims by complaining that African-Americans constantly play the race card.

By when a White bigot resorts to outright racism, White supremacy and discrimination, those same White bigots that call out African-Americans for playing the race card stay quiet as a church mouse.

First year Florida State University football coach Willie Taggart recently endured the worst season in Seminoles history in over 30 years.

The Seminoles went 5-7 on the season and ended the 2018 campaign by losing to their archrival University of Florida, 41-14 on Saturday, Nov. 24.

But instead of criticizing Taggart for his failures on the gridiron during his first season in Tallahassee, Fla., a Seminole fan instead posted an image of Taggart getting lynched because of his subpar 2018 season.

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