You’re Blowing It Now, Sha’Carri Richardson

During “Sugar” Ray Leonard’s boxing match against Thomas “Hitman” Hearns, his trainer Angelo Dundee told him, “you’re blowing it now, son.”

Someone in track star Sha’Carri Richardson’s inner circle should tell her that she is blowing it also before it is too late.

When Sha’Carri Richardson got kicked off the United States Olympics track and field team for failing a drug test, many people around the country rallied to her defense.

People across all spectrums and demographics supported her because many believed that the rule which prohibits Olympic athletes from smoking marijuana was archaic, especially since marijuana is now legal in many states.

Richardson, 21, gained more fans when she handled that disappointment with maturity, grace, dignity, class and intelligence.

But Sha’Carri Richardson’s behavior and performance on the track have all nosedived since the moment that gained her so many supporters.

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