Regal Mag

Regal Mag: The Online Magazine Honoring Our Royal Heritage

When one thinks of African American men, two different images usually come to mind.  One image is the mainstream media’s negative and stereotypical portrayal of African American men.  The second image is the truth.

What is the true African American man about?  One only has to visit places like the Black church, the Black barbershop or successful Black businesses to know that Black men are just as diverse, intelligent and profound as any other demographic in this country.  So why do we not see this true depiction of Black men on a constant basis in the media?  Simply put, it is because there is only one publication as unique and profound as today’s Black man, and that is Regal Magazine (

Online magazine publisher Todd A. Smith founded the online magazine honoring our royal heritage because he felt a need to give an accurate portrayal of the Black men he saw on a daily basis and also to inspire younger Black males to reach greatness in their own lives. would also give African American men a platform to discuss the issues that were germane to their struggle.

Too many Black magazines for men approached that demographic as if it was one-dimensional.  However, one only has to visit a neighborhood Black barbershop or church to understand how educated and entertaining Black men truly are.  Conversations amongst such Black men usually run the gamut between politics, business, sports and relationships.  Men that diverse needed a magazine that was just as diverse and they got it in November 2006 in the form of Regal Mag.

Now in existence for over a decade, this men’s magazine reaches tens of thousands unique visitors per month and it is only a matter of time before it is an institution in the Black community in the same vein as Ebony and Essence.

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