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Regal Roundtable:
Let The Fellas Talk From Their View

Where are all of the talk shows for men?  For years, women have enjoyed “The View” and “The Talk” to express their perspectives on life and now they have “The Real.”

Unfortunately, males constantly find themselves without a platform to discuss issues amongst themselves and to the opposite sex, but the time has come for male voices to come to the forefront of talk shows.

Enter “Regal Roundtable,” a television show production similar to the “Hot Topics” segment of “The View,” dedicated to issues affecting men of all ages, colors and creeds, hosted and executive produced by Todd A. Smith, publisher of Regal Magazine (, the online magazine honoring our royal heritage.

The show consists of three participants; two permanent panelists with different points of view and one special guest panelist per episode, in addition to Smith, the host.  Topics range from politics, relationships, sports, social issues, entertainment, health and religion in this 30 minute talk show. Also, periodically women are invited to the roundtable discussion for our “Battle of the Sexes” episodes on relationships. Smith describes the show as “sophisticated barbershop conversation” because like at a barbershop there is always good conversation, and no topic is off limits.

Guests on the talk show “Regal Roundtable” have included comedian and radio personality Marcus D. Wiley (“Yolanda Adams Morning Show”), comedian and radio personality Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles (“Steve Harvey Morning Show”), Houston Chronicle sports columnist Jerome Solomon, mental health therapist Jay Barnett and many others.

Regular panelists for “Regal Roundtable” are comedian Juan Villareal, country singer Mike Stites, actor Aaron Buzzanga and model Brian Albiter.

The ultimate goal of “Regal Roundtable” was always to be a nationally distributed talk show and that dream became a reality thanks to Fun TV from 2016-2018.

“Regal Roundtable” also aired on A-Star TV (American Star TV) and the KUBE network in Houston.

Regal Media Group (RMG) has completed two full seasons (26 episodes) of “Regal Roundtable,” consisting of timeless content that audiences across the globe are yearning to see.

It is RMG’s plan to offer classy, informative and cutting edge productions that provide an alternative to the status quo in today’s arena of mass communication.

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