RMG CEO Discusses California Teachers Posing with Noose on ‘Factor’

On May 10, Regal Media Group, LLC CEO Todd A. Smith appeared on “Isiah Factor Uncensored” to discuss the controversial picture of California teachers posing with a noose.

First grade teachers at a school that is 90 percent minority recently caused uproar after appearing in a picture with a noose. The teachers said that it was a chain and not a noose.

Smith said that there is no excuse for educators to not be educated on the significance of a noose to the African-American community.

The multimedia personality said that as a first grader, children should be playing with friends and figuring out what they want to be when they grown up. Six-year-olds should not be introduced to racism.

Regal Media Group, LLC’s CEO said that this episode shows why diversity is needed in the workplace. A more diverse staff could have prevented this controversial picture form being taken and/or disseminated.

Smith appeared with journalist/author ReShonda Tate Billingsley on his latest appearance on “Isiah Factor Uncensored,” which airs weekdays on Fox 26 in Houston.

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