Smith Debates ‘Big Angry’ on ‘Isiah Factor Uncensored’

On March 27, multimedia personality Todd A. Smith returned to “Isiah Factor Uncensored” on Fox 26 in Houston.

Smith’s debate opponent was lawyer and former police officer Charles “Big Angry” Adams of “The Big Angry and Z-Ro Show” on KPRC 950 AM radio.

The topic centered on the death of Stephon Clark at the hands of Sacramento, Calif. police officers, and the decision not to charge the Baton Rouge, La. officers responsible for the death of Alton Sterling.

Adams argued that the decision not to charge the officers was the correct decision and said the incident was not a racial issue.

Smith disagreed saying that all people have biases and they bring those biases and stereotypes to the job, which could put people of color in danger when encountering police officers.

To view Smith’s latest appearance on “Isiah Factor Uncensored,” click here.

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