Smith Debates Trump Supporter on Whether Obama Was Best President

On July 13, Todd A. Smith appeared on “Isiah Factor Uncensored” on Fox 26 in Houston.

Smith of Regal Media Group, LLC debated Texas State Rep. Briscoe Cain of District 128 on whether or not former President Barack Obama was the best president of all time.

The multi-media personality believes President Obama was the best president because he spoke for all people; especially the disadvantaged and voiceless like minorities and the poor.

Cain is a fan of President Donald Trump and disagreed with Smith on his assessment of Obama’s presidency, even donning a Make America Great Again baseball cap on the segment.

The Texas politician and lawyer believes Trump will get re-elected in 2020 by winning the popular vote in a landslide.

To view Smith’s latest appearance on “Isiah Factor Uncensored,” click here.

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