Smith Discusses Laura Ingraham’s Controversial Nipsey Hussle Comments on ‘Factor’

On April 16, Regal Media Group, LLC CEO Todd A. Smith debated attorney Jason Rowe on “Isiah Factor Uncensored.”

The debate centered on Fox News’ Laura Ingraham’s controversial comments about late rapper, Nipsey Hussle.

Ingraham criticized Nipsey’s collaboration with YG on the song “FDT,” which criticizes President Donald Trump.

Both Rowe and Smith said that Ingraham comments were classless and in poor taste because Nipsey is no longer alive to defend himself against critiques.

But Rowe took issue with Smith’s comment that Fox News would not punish Ingraham because many of their viewers want to hear commentary that is overly critical of the African-American community.

To view Smith’s latest appearance on “Isiah Factor Uncensored,” click here.

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