Smith Speaks to Youth Group at Fountain of Praise

On Saturday, Nov. 16, Regal Media Group President/CEO Todd A. Smith was invited to speak to an organization of young Black boys (ages 12-17) at the Fountain of Praise church in Houston.

The organization dubbed Mufasa’s Pride is a group, containing many fatherless Black boys, where role models in the Black community teach them the value of discipline, morality, education and leadership.

Smith spoke to the group on the dangers of teenage and premarital sex, stressing the importance of not making a short-term decision that packs a lifetime of consequences.

RMG’s founder stressed the importance of waiting until marriage to engage in sexual activity and knowing what it takes to be a real man that can compliment his future wife.

Smith told the group that a real man is made up of two components, velvet and steel. Velvet is being able to treat females with gentleness and sensitivity. And steel is being the protector and provider who will not bend to the ways of the ungodly.

Click here to learn more about Mufasa’s Pride.

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